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Wholesale - Hidden Camera | CM-8 metal Mini DV DVR Pocket HD CAMERA pc cam micro video sport Recorder
Wholesale - Hidden Camera | CM-8 metal Mini DV DVR Pocket HD CAMERA pc cam micro video sport Recorder

Wholesale - Hidden Camera | CM-8 metal Mini DV DVR Pocket HD CAMERA pc cam micro video sport Recorder

Wholesale Price(FOB) : 22.20USD/PC
Wholesale From Origin Factory : DIY Hidden cameraHidden CameraMini DVspy camera
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US$22.20 US$21.53 US$20.87
Warranty: 1 Year. Delivery Time:48 Hours. Mini Order:5PCS. DHL/EMS/FEDEX/UPS/TNT Door to Door:4-5 Days. Ship From HongKong to Over 200 Countries Worldwide, Pls Contact us at and get More Discounts.

Product Detail: 

CM - 8 small high-definition infrared night-vision Spy Camera specification

   first of all thank you for your use of the company's products!Please read this manual before use and proper use of this product.In order to better service, the content of this user manual may be changed.Due to the product performance and function of change, will not do further notice.CM - 8 multi-functional high-definition infrared night-vision camera, is a new type of modern high-tech products.After multiple departments core technology r&d team for product and process quality, with unique professional vision and innovative spirit, through multi-channel process development.

A. Appearance, according to the keys

B, product introduction

      CM - 8 multi-function infrared night vision with a small Spy Camera, taking pictures, high-definition cameras, infrared night vision camera, separate recordings, motion detecting video, home surveillance cameras, 220 v charging while charging side camera, automatic cycle camera, webcam for the integration of multi-function computer security infrared camera.This product is easy to operate, cabinet and delicate, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, is security, education, family life in areas such as the necessary products.

C. Instructions

1. Boot: long press the ON/OFF key for 3 seconds to boot, long red light to enter standby mode.

2. The shutdown: in the standby state long press the power button for 3 seconds to turn off light shut off the machine.

3. Open close the night vision: in standby mode, short press the ON/OFF button, the blue lights flashing three times, ON behalf of open night vision, then short press, blue lights flashing under six, close the night vision.

4. Photo: in standby MODE, short press MODE button once, red light flashing, on behalf of a photo shoot.

5. Photograph: in standby MODE, long press MODE button for 3 seconds, the red light flashing, under two representative to camera.Short press again, the red light, on behalf of stop camera and save.

6. Recording alone: in standby mode, short press the CAMERA key, blue lights flashing under 3 representative to separate the recording state, then short press, long red light bright representative stop the recording, and save the recording.

7. Motion detecting: in standby mode, long press CAMERA key three seconds, off together two flashes red and blue lights, into motion detecting standby state at this time, the surface has a moving object, the blue light is flashing, deputies from the state of motion detecting video, short long click on the red light bright again on behalf of the stop and save the video.

8. A webcam: unpack the webcam driver files in the CD file, and then click install driver, after the installation in standby state, the USB connection of computer, open the video camera in my computer.

9. Time changes, under the premise that install webcam driver, in a shutdown state, the USb connection of computer, find time to modify tool in CD, click on the file after decompression is automatically modified.

10. Charge: connect directly to the computer USB interface or charger, you can charge on this machine, note: the camera built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery, no memory effect, can use with over charge, but the first five times before use, please send the battery to saturation, to activate the battery capacity, for standard working hours.

11. At the same time by engine ON/OFF with the MODE key machines can be reset.

D, project related parameters related parameterse

 video format is AVI

 video M - JPEG

 coding video resolution 720 x 480

 video frame rate of 30 FPS

 player software operating system or bring the mainstream video player software

 image format JPG image 5 M pix 4032 * 3024

 images ratio 4:3

 support system Windows me/xp/vista: 2003 2000 M

 battery capacity of 400 mah

 work about 2 hours

 charging voltage DC 5 v

 interface type MINI 5 pin USB storage support 8 g 1 g, 2 g, 4 g 16 gb and 32 gb TF card


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