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Pen Spy Camera Digital Pocket Video Recorder, DV Camcorder Spy Pen
Pen Spy Camera Digital Pocket Video Recorder, DV Camcorder Spy Pen

Pen Spy Camera Digital Pocket Video Recorder, DV Camcorder Spy Pen

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Digital Pocket Video Recorder (8GB Spy Edition) - DV Camcorder Spy Pen

the DV Camcorder Spy Pen can belong to you today. With all of its functionality, this product is easily worth three or four times its market price. With its black gloss finish, this stunning pen is fully-functional in terms of its ability to write effectively and dependably. In other words, the manufacturer didn't skimp on the actual pen components just to make room for the camera.

In addition to its easy USB charger and transfer action, this Camcorder Spy Pen has a battery life of about 100 minutes, a capture resolution of 640x480, and an internal flash memory of 8GB. This internal memory capacity can be used not only for storing the videos captured by the Spy Pen, but also as bulk storage for whatever other files you may wish to store. This Spy Pen is perfect for video recording in business, HR, security, media, press relations, tourism and many other areas. If you're a buyer you can't resist a good bargain, there are few better deals than a quality pen that comes equipped with a camera that can take both still photos and videos as well for only twenty dollars, available exclusively from the number one wholesale source for surveillance cameras.


DV Camcorder Spy Pen - for covert surveillance or just having some fun
Features AVI file encoding on-the-fly, no need for complicated file conversion.
Takes digital video and still camera images
Dual function as a useful storage medium as a standard USB memory stick

Manufacturer Specifications

Primary Function: Video recording "Spy Pen" and USB drive with 8 GB's of memory
Camera Specifications:
- Color CMOS sensor
- Auto White Balance Adjustment
- Focus Range: 150mm ~ Infinity
- Internal Flash Memory: 8GB
Capture Specifications:
- Format: AVI
- Frame Rate: 10 FPS
- Capture Resolution: 640x480
Power Source: Internal Battery
Battery Life: Approx 100 minutes
Dimension: 150mm (L) x 16mm (Diameter)

Notes from Manufacturers

Ergonomic design with easy grip - comfortable for everyday writing usage
Universal Replaceable Ink Cartridge
Easy USB Charging/Transfer
Recharge via computer or wall socket

Package List

Model CVSL-I08-8GB Digital Pocket Video Recorder (8GB Spy Edition)
USB (male) to USB (female) cable

Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

Does this product also have a voice recorder too?
The product does not have a dedicated sound/voice recorder function.

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